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My name is Eli (Ee-lie) and I’m an MLIS candidate living in Lexington, Kentucky, attending the fine institution of the University of Kentucky. I (hopefully!) will graduate in December 2011, and then the world is my figurative oyster! I’m ready to explore new territories and opportunities, and I’m so excited to be entering the field of professional librarianship. At this point in my LIS education, I’m most passionate about Archives and anything to do with Digitization and Digital Media. Next semester, I will be participating in a Professional Field Experience course working with UK Archives, having the opportunity to process a real collection! I can’t wait to get down to business, and gain some real, hands-on experience as an Archivist.

In the meantime, I work typically early morning shifts at a community Starbucks, so I’m pretty fanatical about coffee and tea. I’ve also loved getting to know the people with whom I work, and the fantastic customers, who mostly live in my same neighborhood. I also love riding bikes (both for pleasure and commuting), vegan food and cooking, reading (of course!), and cuddling with my cat!


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